Hip Treats Many Conditions

The hip arthroscopy is a diagnostic and surgical process in which a small telescope is introduced in the hip to analyze the interior hip of joint and perform the surgery. This arthroscopic technique is very helpful in the treatment of hip joint problems.

People Hip arthroscopy Treats Many Conditions who are suffering with unexplained hip pain which does not respond well to nonsurgical treatment such as medicines, physiotherapy, and rest may be suggested to undergo hip arthroscopy by their doctor. This surgical process involves the use of an arthroscope, a tiny camera, which is inserted into the hip joint through a small incision.

Hip Treats Many Conditions hip arthroscopy

The doctor examines the condition of the acetabulofemoral (hip) Hip arthroscopy joint and performs the surgery by viewing the images displayed on the computer screen.

However, hip arthroscopy was earlier used primarily for diagnostic purposes and for undertaking basic interventions including removal of loose bodies and Hip arthroscopy debridement of damaged tissue such as the acetabular labrum. But after the scientific publication of Dr. Reinhold Ganz’s work on femoro-acetabular impingement in the year 2003, orthopaedic surgeons have worked on open as well as arthroscopic procedures to address the damage caused by these mechanisms.

Owing to its effectiveness and benefits, this surgical technique has received acknowledgment by many reputed surgeons. Now, it has been proved that arthroscopic Hip arthroscopy procedure provides comparable outcomes with a minimally invasive approach.

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